The wine cellars

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Our farm’s vineyards are situated on the most prestigious and valuable hills in the territory of LANGHE, exactly MONFORTE ALBA
Exceptionally good climatic conditions have permitted to have excellent grapes available for many years , today we are still producing wine following the long-standing tradition and are creating classic wines using piedmont’s best enology.
Most of thier harvest comes from thier own property

The wine-making process of transforming grapes into wine takes place in the winery located in the small village of MONFORTE D’ALBA
Age-old processes are wisely integrated with modern enology innovation, depending on the type of product desired, fermentation is achieved with various methods, by conservation in refrigerated chambers, by aging in oak barrels or in barriques and further refined in bottles.The result of meticulous workmanship always yelds a product guaranteed to be authentic and of excellent quality.
furthermore we have in sinergy in TOSCANA CHIANTI CLASSICO FATTORIA Aiola